1m everyday舞曲

歌手:Bon Jovi 专辑:Bounce Bon Jovi - Everyday I used to be the kind of guy Whod never let you look inside Id smile when I was crying I had nothing but a life to loose Thought I had a lot to proof In my life, theres no denying Goodbye to all my yesterdays Goodbye, so long, Im on my way Ive had enough of cryin Bleedin, sweatin, dyin Hear me when I say Gonna live my life everyday Im gonna touch the sky I spread these wings and flying I aint here to play Im gonna live my life everyday Change, everybodys feeling strange Never gonna be the same Makes you wonder how the world keeps turning Life, learning how to live my life Learning how to pick my fights Take my shots while Im still burning Goodbye to all those rainy nights Goodbye, so long, Im moving on Everyday hit the wheel I just made myself a deal There aint nothing gonna get in my way Everyday Goodbye, so long, Im moving on I, oh I, oh I, Im gonna live my life everyday I (gonna touch the sky), Oh I (spread these wings and fly), Oh I Im gonna live my life everyday END 译文没有找到
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