keep on learning作文

A healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind.As is known,to have a sound mind,we must first have a sound body.This is of vital importance.Only by keeping ourselves healthy and strong can we feel energetic and vigorous in studying and working and live a happy life.
To keep ourselves fit,physical exercise is the best way.All over the world millions of people take part in different kinds of sports.Sports are perhaps the most popular form of relaxation that almost all can enjoy.In taking part in out-door sports,we are closer to nature and can take in fresh air.The beauty of nature will keep us clear-headed,which is essential to our health.Besides,Sports and games build our bodies,prevent us from getting too fat,and keep us healthy.They also give us valuable practice in helping the eyes,brain and muscles to work together.However,sports stimulate the circulation of blood and help to excrete the wastes in the body.Sports can also work up our appetite and activate our digestion.As a result,we can become strong-bodied.
I always take an active part in physical exercise and enjoy good health.I seldom get sick but feel vigorous even if I work a whole daylong.I shall keep up doing physical exercise so as to live longer and do more for the country.
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