sth is provided to

All i have to do is do sth/to do sth/doing sth?

be to do sth 的几种用法-百度文库

be+to do sth.的用法 1.表示按计划或安排要做的事。例如: When are you ...She is to be marr next month....

PROVIDE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

provide definition: 1. to give someone something that they need: 2. (of a law or decision) to say that something must…. Learn more.

there is sth to do和there is sth doing 的区别-微思作业...

there is sth to do和there is sth doing 的区别 there is sth to do和there is sth doing 的区别there is ...

be used to do sth 还是be used to doing sth?百度知道

最佳be used to do sth与be used to doing sth都可以。1、be used to do:use用作被动语态,to do用来表示目的。sth is used to do sth:某物被用来做某物。The wood is used to make paper. 木头被用来造纸。2、be used to doing 大多数情况下to后面都是动词原形,也就是所谓的动词不定式。be ...

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