Bring 1. bring along 领来[带来]…; 使发展[成长] Wives will have to bring along their marriage certificate. 已婚妇女必须携带结婚证。

The more advanced bring along the less advanced. 先进带动后进. 2. bring back 归还 。

使回想起 All library books must be brought back before June 30. 6 月 30 日之前,所有从图书馆借出的书必须归还。

Your article brought back sad memories for me. 你的文章勾起了我悲伤的回忆 3.。

bring about 引起; 致使; 造成 The economic reform brought about great change in the lives of the common people. 经济改革在老百姓生活方面带来巨大的变化 4.。

bring in 产生(利益); 赚到 介绍; 引进(技术) It expects the deal could bring in billions in revenue in the next several years. 联想预计,这一合作将在今后几年带来数十亿美元的收入 5. bring up 养育 [俗]呕吐 抚养大:he was brought up by his uncle. 他是叔叔拉扯大的 6 bring down 降(价); 把(某物,某人)抬下(楼、山); 使(某物或某人)掉下[倒下]; 击败…; 7. bring forward 提出 I have no evidence but moral evidence to bring forward. 我没有真凭实据,只有提出道义上的证据. 7 .bring out

) ; (尤指) 出版, 推出 (图书或 CD) When a person or company brings out a new product, especially a new book or CD, they produce it and put it on sale.